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LunchSkins ~ Berry Flower Reusable Snack Bag

Item #  LS20913
LunchSkins are a sustainable and food-safe sandwich and snack baggies that can hold both hot and cold items and are quick-drying, grease-proof and lightweight. The fabric used in LunchSkins is made from high-quality cotton that meets all EU and US standards for food contact. Both the fabric & inks have been tested for safety and are lead-free, BPA free & phthalate free. Each baggie is coated with a food-safe, moisture-proof polyurethane liner that has been tested and found not to migrate into food, does not leave a plastic odor behind, and meets EU requirements for food contact. LunchSkins are secured with a Velcro closure.

The Reusable Snack bag is half the size of the LunchSkins sandwich bag and great for taking along a small snack or packing one in lunches. Cut out waste and use these sandwich bags next time you pack lunch for you and your family!

Learn more about <A HREF="/learn/brands-lunchskins.asp">LunchSkins</A>.
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