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LunchSkins ~ Red Stripe Reusable Snack Bag

Item #  LS20901
LunchSkins was founded by three moms who sought an effective, safe way to reduce waste during lunchtime! The solution was LunchSkins…nontoxic, eco friendly, sustainable bags that do not contain harmful chemicals found in other lunchtime packing options like plastics, and are BPA free, phthalate free, and lead free.

LunchSkins can hold both hot and cold items and are quick-drying, grease-proof and lightweight, making them perfect for on-the-go! The fabric is made from high-quality cotton that meets all EU and US standards for food contact, while both the fabric and inks have been tested for safety. Each baggie is coated with a food-safe, moisture-proof polyurethane liner that has been tested and found not to migrate into food, does not leave a plastic odor behind, and meets EU requirements for food contact. Each bag is secured with a convenient Velcro closure.

The Reusable Snack Bag is great for taking healthy, delicious snacks alongside the <A HREF="/shopping/all-lunchskins/ls10905-reusable-sandwich-bags.asp">LunchSkins Sandwich Bags</A>. Since the snack bags are half the size of the sandwich bags, they are great for packing multiple snacks in smaller quantities, like fruit, nuts, trailmix, veggie sticks, and more. Cut out waste, save money, and pack a healthier lunch with these snack bags for you and your family!

Learn more about <A HREF="/learn/brands-lunchskins.asp">LunchSkins</A>.

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