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To-Go Ware ~ Large Stainless Steel Sidekick/Food Containers, 2/pack

Item #  TGWSLP2
To-Go Ware’s stainless steel food containers are convenient, durable, and a non toxic alternative to plastics. The Stainless Steel Sidekick’s are BPA and phthalate free, food safe, and non-leaching, as well as being 100% recyclable and earth friendly.

While To-Go Ware’s <A HREF="/tableware/cooks-tools---to-go-ware/tgw2t-stainless-steel-containers.asp?itemnumber=tgwslp2&itemcolor=&itemposition=1">2-Tier Storage</A> and <A HREF="/tableware/cooks-tools---to-go-ware/tgw3t-stainless-steel-containers.asp?itemnumber=tgwslp2&itemcolor=&itemposition=3">3-Tier Storage</A> allow you to take hot or cold full course meals including soup, salad, lunch items, and dessert, the Sidekick allows you to carry hot or cold snacks and side items! Take these eco friendly, food safe containers with you to store all of your food throughout the day!

Learn more about <A HREF="/learn/brands-to-go-ware.asp">To-Go Ware</A> and <A HREF="/learn/tips-stainless-steel.asp">Stainless Steel</A>.

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