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Who We Are
About Us
Essential Safe Products (or “ESP” as we liked to call it for short…) was started by my mom, a loving and dedicated mother of six (I’m the oldest!) who has always looked out for our safety and health. Aside from her typical safety antics like “don’t chew while you’re laying down” and “here are your elbow pads, wrist guards, knee pads, fluorescent safety vest, helmet and, oh, have fun bike riding!”, she has also taken steps to help us build a healthy lifestyle.

For as long as I can remember, our pantry and fridge consisted of organic and healthy foods. While the food we ate may have been chemical-free, the kitchenware and other products we used on a daily basis were not always the safest because, quite frankly, we just didn’t know about hazardous chemicals and their potential health concerns. However, once my mom learned about the dangers and risks associated with chemicals like BPA, PVC, Phthalates, Lead, PFCs and so on, the quest for safer products began...

Knowing there must be others out there looking for an easy way to learn about toxins and find non-toxic and eco-friendly products, my mom and I started ESP on September 13th, 2011.

ESP started off as a simple toxin-free kitchen and on-the-go lunch retailer. But, as we started learning more about toxins in our kitchen products, we realized the toxins didn’t stop there! Our nail polishes, toys, toothpaste, lotions, and what seemed like almost everything else we come into contact with may contain toxins too. We began researching and learning more about other toxic-laden products, and as a result, more than just our cooking and eating habits started to change. With each new toxin-free addition to our lifestyle (baby steps of course!) came a new toxin-free section to our site. No longer were we just stocking pots, pans, and lunchboxes…we were now offering a huge variety of toxin-free products to fit anyone’s lifestyle and toxin-free choices!

With a larger site and greater knowledge (which is always on-going) on toxins, we decided it was time to change our name. In July 2013, we started doing business as Wild Mint! We decided to rename our site Wild Mint because of the feeling of cleanliness and freshness (mint) with a whole lot of crazy goodness (wild) the name evokes. Clean, fresh, crazy good…all things we think describe taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle! So join us on our conscious movemint (pun intended) to help educate families on toxins and making it easier to find safer products!

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Just email We always welcome advice and suggestions as we continue to learn and grow!

~ Hannah Helsabeck, CEO
Our Mission
At Wild Mint, we are dedicated to providing the best non-toxic and eco-friendly products to help you build a healthier lifestyle and environment. We are continually learning, growing, and making sure we are as up-to-date as possible on research about harmful chemicals, new products, and green practices. We want to make change easier and hope to portray that no matter how big or small the changes you make in your life are, you are making a difference!
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