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80+ Natural Remedies for Cold & Flu Season
80+ Natural Remedies for Cold & Flu Season
Toxin-Free Ingredients to Help with Cold & Flu Season:
Essential Oils
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It’s cold and flu season and of course, you’re trying your best not to catch anything and protect you and your family…so we thought we would help you out! With the help of some awesome natural living bloggers, our team at Wild Mint has created this extremely handy list of over 80 natural cold remedies and natural flu remedies to ward off nasty bugs and help prevent them from coming back. Let us know if you try any and what works for you! Also, if you have any that you would like to add, please leave a comment below!

Things to Make

Cough Syrups/Drops:
Asian Pear and Honey Cough Remedy
DIY Herbal Honey Cough Drops
Elderberry Syrup
Honey Lemon and Coconut Oil Syrup
Onion Honey Cough Syrup
Raw honey with cinnamon

Healing Teas/Drinks:
Brandy, or scotch, or whiskey
Chamomile peppermint tea with fresh lemon
Ginger root tea
Green Smoothies
Homemade Single-Serving Lemonade
Honey and Lemon in water or tea
Honey and Thyme tea
Hot Toddy Natural Cold Remedy
Juicing for immunity
Lemon-Ginger Tea
Nettle Leaf Tea
No Flu ‘Tea’
Peppermint Tea
Salt Water

Other Helpful Recipes:
Black Cherry and Elderberry Gummy Snacks
Bone Broth
Chicken Soup
Cinnamon-Coconut Oil-Honey Elixir
GOOT (coconut oil, olive oil, garlic mixture)
Homemade Chicken Stock
Homemade Cold Remedy
Homemade Hand Sanitizer
Homemade All Natural “Vicks” Vapor Shower Disks
Homemade All Natural “Vicks” Vapor Rub for Kids
The Throat Soother
Thieves Oil

Actions to Take

Black tea bag compresses
Blow your nose
Chopped onion compress on the ear
Chugging water
Cold wash rag on head
Cut dairy from diet until well if you have congestion
Don’t kiss anyone with the sniffles
Drink hot liquids
Eating well with healthy foods
Epsom Salt Bath
Garlic drops
Get chiropractic adjustments
Get moving
Hot or cold packs around your congested sinuses
Hydrogen Peroxide in your ears
Raise your head when you sleep
Reduce stress
Rub eucalyptus essential oil w/ coconut and olive oil on chest to open up pores
Short, lukewarm baths
Sinus Rinsing
Sleep, sleep, and more sleep
Throat Wrap for a sore throat
Use a netti pot
Warm steam vaporizer with drops of eucalyptus oil
Wash your hands often

Supplements/Ingredients to Help

Apple Cider Vinegar
Bee Glue (Propolis)
Colloidal Silver
Fermented Cod Liver Oil
Gaia, Quick Defense
Herbal Support
Manuka Honey
Oil of Oregano
Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Quality Multivitamins
Raw honey
Virgin Coconut Oil
Vitamin C
Vitamin D

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