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No-Can-Ber Challenge, Recipe Round-Up 2013
No-Can-Ber Challenge, Recipe Round-Up 2013
Toxin-Free Items Used In This Recipe:
Safe Food Storage Containers for Freezing

Thanks to everyone who has joined us in going can-free this November! We hope the can-free habits this month will stick for the long run :). Below are some can-free tips and a list of the can-free recipes we have posted on our Facebook page to share with you all. We will continue to add recipes as we post them.

Tips to help you help kick the can:
Soak dry beans overnight to cook yourself, for a can-free alternative.
Eden Foods is currently the only company that prints "BPA-free" on the label of their canned beans and discloses its replacement (vegetable resin enamel) to consumers. Though other companies may be going BPA-free, they may not be disclosing what they're using instead of BPA and whether or not the replacements are safe.

Replace canned fruit with dried or fresh alternatives. In addition to BPA in the liner, many canned fruits contain added sugar, so avoiding them may also help cut calories.

Ravioli, Pasta with Meatballs and Other Canned Meals
All-in-one canned meals have some of the highest levels of BPA over other canned foods. To replace them, try carving out time to cook quick and easy fresh meals.
Or, choose healthier frozen options. If you choose frozen meals in a plastic container, make sure to remove the meal from the plastic tray and place it on a microwave safe plate or oven safe dish to heat. Many plastics contain chemicals, including BPA, which could leach faster into the food when heated.

Many soups and broths are available in Tetra Pak containers (which look like oversized juice boxes) that are BPA free.
If you enjoy cooking, you can make your own soups and broths, freezing extras in glass jars for later use.

Like canned all-in-one meals, canned vegetables have some of the highest levels of BPA among canned foods. For the quickest replacement, buy frozen vegetables and boil or steam them on the stove. If using the microwave to steam frozen vegetables, make sure to use a safe glass or ceramic bowl and cover the bowl with a plate instead of plastic wrap.
Instead of canned tomatoes, some grocers now use Tetra Paks or glass. If your favorite store doesn't carry them, ask.
The healthiest option is checking out what local and seasonal fresh vegetables are available in your area. They are most likely the least expensive, freshest, and tastiest produce options available.

If you'd like to send us a can-free recipe, please do! Just email Thanks in advance!

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